Blueproof’s Portable Functional Test Oven is Ready for Action

After meticulous assembly to meet the highest standards, Blueproof has created fully portable functional test oven in accordance with ISO 6182-13 which can demonstrate exactly how Blueproof will activate in the case of a fire.


Following requests from many interested parties who wished to see Blueproof in action, the team devised this portable functional test oven to show exactly how the fire suppression device is triggered in the case of fire.

Clive Atkinson, co-inventor of Blueproof says: “the results are astounding!
The activation time was on average 7.8 seconds with an average temperature of 140 C which is one of the fastest activation times for any fire suppression system.”


Blueproof provides a low cost, easily retro-fitted, non-mechanical alternative to sprinkler systems that costs a fraction of the price and installed in minutes.

Full scale testing has been undertaken, proving Blueproof has a great ability to suppress fire and dramatically reduce temperatures in the event of a fire.


We are pleased to arrange demonstrations upon request.



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