Book launch – Garfield Todd: The End of the Liberal Dream in Rhodesia by Susan Woodhouse

On Monday 21 May 2018 after 25 years of research and writing, Susan Woodhouse launched her book – Garfield Todd The End of the Liberal Dream in Rhodesia at The Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh.

Susan Woodhouse with former Liberal leader and Presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament Lord David Steel, who was a friend of the Southern African politician.
© Dave Johnston/ EEm

Garfield Todd was Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia from 1953 until he was ousted in 1958 in a cabinet coup under pressure from the largely white electorate. By any standard, he was a great man – one who saw the need for a non-racial, multi-cultural society. A newspaper editorial at the time described him as the white politician most trusted by blacks, and said that his fall was ‘a severe blow to the forces of co-operation in this country’.

Garfield and his wife Grace were New Zealanders of Scottish stock, and came as Christian missionaries in 1934 to Southern Rhodesia, halfway through that country’s 90-year history. Their story covers a broad and fascinating 70-year spectrum of political and economic, social and educational development. The Todds became bywords for political tolerance and educational reform.

Susan Woodhouse worked for Garfield Todd for eight years, became a close family friend and had unparalleled access to personal documents. She has spent 25 years piecing together the unlikely story of his career from a wealth of archival sources and unpublished personal correspondence. This is the authorised biography – the story of the man, more than the politics of his era.

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